RAVEN is a clothing brand from Adelaide, South Australia that offers high quality hand produced goods. We don't settle for second best and we feel that every product that walks out the door is of the highest quality and standard.

For those wondering how it all came about, it all started in my year 11 design class back in 2015 where we were required to design a logo for one of our assignments. This logo could be used to create a clothing line, shoe company etc. Of course, I chose to create a logo for a clothing line. After thorough brainstorming, I was able to successfully design and create a logo for this clothing brand. The logo consisted of many colours rather than the typical black and white logo since I wanted it to be appealing to its viewers, easy to identity and unique. In terms of the name, I decided to call my clothing brand RAVEN because the logo consisted of a Raven bird. Additionally, I also wanted a simple name which can be recognised and pronounced by anyone.

Therefore, the brand was established/founded in 2015. However, it wasn't until late 2016 (after I finished year 12) and early 2017 when the brand was officially released.